Saturday, December 27, 2008

Noonday Textiles feels the love

Yay just hit the 100 heart mark for Noonday Textiles! I'm off to post some new hand-dyed fabrics...

An Awesome Feature

I'm a member of Team EcoEtsy, and Etsy team dedicated to sustainability and recycling. Some of our teams bags, including a couple of mine, got a nice little write up on the Green Style and Beauty Slices blog...check it out here...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hemp Fabrics for Sale!

I just opened a new Etsy shop for beautiful hemp fabrics. I'm selling handdyed originals as well as natural undyed hemp/organic cotton blends by the yard...
Stop by!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

So Much LOve!!!

I just reached my 1000th heart on Etsy. I'm so excited!!! Check it out :)
Etsy has been an amazing place to sell my goods in addition to my website. I am very grateful on this Thanksgiving for the success it has given me. I have "met" so many amazing artists. I find myself only wanting to shop there for the quality and uniqueness the artists offer...I'm doing the Handmade Pledge this year. All (or almost all) of my holiday gifts will be bought on Etsy.
I Took The Handmade Pledge!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Featured! just featured me on their blog for Scores under $10! Thanks guys :)
Check it out here....

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hoodie Madness and DUCF

Just posted some new hoodies to's a peek...

Also wanted to do a little promo for the Detroit Urban Craft Fair 11/15! Come see Kirsten aka. La Femme Monkita and I. We're sellling stuff!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A new beginning...

I just read this great article in The Storque: Etsy's Guide to Blogging.
I'm really bad about keeping up on this thing! So i've decided to just start adding a bunch of stuff I like :).
Todays theme is Holiday Cards. I've been on the look out for some awesome cards that are unique and of course handmade. I seem to always have good intentions of making my own but never quite get to it...
Here's some of my favorites...

I love this Mod Christmas Stationery Set.
The color is great and that tree is super sweet.
by Snew set of 5 cards and envelopes $4.75

As a lover of midcentury modern furniture, these cards are perfect! Getting close to the time to pull out the vintage aluminum pom-pom tree and the swirly lights....

Mod Furniture Holiday Cards set of 3
by byvikINK $14

I'm fascinated by the process of letterpressing. I'm not exactly sure what it is but the outcome of the process is so interesting. These Joy Cards are a perfect example. They have this very organic handmade quality I its my middle name so I'm a bit biased

Red Joy Letterpress Cards set of 8
by Yee Haw $12

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I heart EcoEtsy

I'm a member of the most amazing street team on Etsy. Eco Etsy is a group of like minded people who are coming together to spread the word about reducing, reusing and recycling. They are a very active group that spend a ton of time working for the cause and supporting each other. I am so honored to be a member.

I just found out my Springtime Bird Coin Purse was picked to in the weekly theme posting on the Eco Etsy Blog. The theme was "little birds" and Fisheye was so sweet as to nominate me...Thanks!

Search keyword TeamEcoEtsy to see work by some of these eco-conscious artists.

We also have a website www.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fall is here!

Holy cow I have so much to think about lately! My kids started school with my littlest going all day now. Its the first time in 10 years or so I've had the whole day to just make stuff! So what to do...

I spent today doing sketches for a new clothing line, updating my "About" page bio on the website (please look), laundry and then the day was gone...

Oh this is cool...I did check out Co-Op America, an amazing organization dedicated to good ol' eco-action!

Then I was just reading this Etsy Storque article on getting ready for the holiday season. Time is just flying. Kirsten (aka La Femme Monkita) and I got into the Detroit Urban Craft Fair. An awesome opportunity to share our hand-craftiness with some fellow Michiganders. I have confidence I'll get it together at some point though.

I do have sketches and all :)....

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vacation Crazy

Jason and I took our first vacation in 6 years to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. We left the kiddos with my folks and we were off...

So in order to save money I booked us a flight leaving at 5:30am out of Flint which is about a 45 minute drive. Being the procrastinators we are, we didn't finish packing until 12:30 am, passed out for 2 hours then got up, hopped in the car and drove to the airport. We landed in Atlanta at 7 am and had a ridiculous 3 hour layover most of which I slept on the benches. From Atlanta we flew to Denver.

My good friend from high school was getting married the next day (saturday).

Ok so from the airport we rented a supposedly compact car I reserved but it really ended up being an SUV so that was funny. Drove to my friends house, said Hi for like an hour then drove 3 1/2 hours north to Glenwood Spring Colorado. Totally the most beautiful drive I've ever been on! Overwhelming a bit on my 2 hours of sleep but beautiful. We arrive in town to meet the suppliers of my hemp fabric.

Hanging out with them was so amazing and informational I can't even explain. There's nothing I love more than knowing my fabric comes from good people doing good work. We ate dinner at the Hotel Colorado nestled in lush gardens with mountains towering everywhere! I crashed early cause I thought I was gonna die if I didnt.

The next day, Jason and I explored the town, took pictures and ate breakfast at a tiny little diner. We went back to the hemp compound for some more awesome conversation with our host and then hopped back inthe truck to go to a wedding!

We had exactly enough time to get to our hotel, check in, change and get back into the car for wedding. We arrive just as they are saying the last of the vows. Everyone cheers then we hit the reception (it was literally that fast). Do all the fun reception things like drink and dance, then get back to the hotel and crash.

6 hours later...we hop back in the truck, get to the airport for the second leg of our journey...

We land in Seattle at 9am where my cousin and her hubby pick us up. We explore Pike Place market for a few then head north to Anacordes, Washington. There we hopped a ferry to San Juan Island. My cousins hubby's family has a condo on the island. There we just lounged, ate too much, explored the island, ate more and drank wine.... for 4 days. Just the perfect way to ease out the insanity of the first half of our vacation. We even saw a whale fin!

We had so much fun. I forget how fun exploring is! You can see pics from the trip at

They are camera phone shots so the movies are a little low res. If you go to the oldest posts first, its in chronological order.

All of you who support us through my business and otherwise made this vacation getaway even possible...So a huge thanks to you all!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wedding Bliss

I had the joy and pleasure of making my first wedding dress. My best friend Carmen asked if I'd do a dress for her reception and I agreed, albeit a little nervously. Normally brides scare the crap out of me. They are all tense and angry and generally scary. Carmen on the other hand was none of those things. She wanted only a dress created by me for her most special day. We talked about design, bouncing ideas back and forth till we came up with a great general outline. From there it was up to me...

Carmen loves shiny so I chose hemp/ silk charmeuse...absolutely amazing fabric. Soft shine on one side and raw silk looking on the back side. I wanted to try dip dyeing for this dress in the worst way. The trick was (A) I had only enough fabric to make the dress once, (B) it had to be finished before I dyed it so there was no weird lines, and (C) me being the big chicken procrastinator I am, waited till it was 3 days before she was showing up for a fitting :).

All went amazingly perfect. This dress was made for her, fit perfect and was flattering. Best of all I got to put all the love for my best friend into it....



I also made the little flower girl dress that Ari is wearing. There were 2 of those sweet little girls walking down the aisle. They made sure to get every last rose petal out of that basket.

The bride and groom took care of their guests with lots of good food and great music. But best of all, they took care of each other. They wrote vows that brought everyone to tears. Peter (the groom) had all of Carmen's friends records love songs for her on her wedding day. Each guest got a cd to take home. And my little Ari, who is extremely shy, got up on the dance floor and sang a song she made up on the spot in front of 100 people! Truly the perfect wedding....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Peaceful Warrior

I put my kids in Taekwondo for some good old fashioned discipline as well as some exercise. They LOVE it. If we did calculating right and Kiran keeps it up he'll be an 11 year old first degree blackbelt and Ari will be around 8 when she gets her black belt. This is Kiran competing in the school's form competion. He won first place.

Next I'll have to show you Ari's work with the Bow Staff, I won't mess with her when she's got that thing!

Monday, July 7, 2008

More Anniversary Goodness

Kirsten summed it up she got some amazing pictures...
check it out...
10 years

Thank you once again...thank you cards are going out shortly I promise!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary

I've been meaning to post about this for week now but I'm slow. Jason and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary at the end of May. I was marvelling the other day that there are very few people we hang out with who knew us when we were single. I'm really proud of this. We are young, I'm 33 and Jason's 35, and we made it this long. Of course there's been ups and downs but we are still madly in love with each other...but I digress...

So my friend Kirsten and her boyfriend Dan wanted to take us out for our anniversary which I thought was really nice. They live in the Detroit area and I thought it was awesome (if not a little weird) that they wanted to drive all the way up here for dinner with us. She told me to make sure we got someone to watch the kids so we could go get drinks and just relax...

A few days before she's like um are you ready for this weekend? did you get someone to watch the kids? Oops of course I'm forgetful and did not. I call my mom and she agrees (rather quickly I thought).

Kirsten and Dan show up to take us out, we're just relaxing on the couch watching Terminator 3. We mosey out the door to Beggars Banquet (which Kirsten picked).
We walk through the back door and Kirsten steers us into the banquet room and "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!" everyone yells (well it sounded like everyone but it may have just been Carmen).

I honestly don't recall ever being so surprised. I don't think anyone got pics of us but I can honestly say my jaw was to my chest.

My amazing friend Kirsten has orchestrated the most amazing surprise party every. All of our friends, my family, Jason's work friends are there. Nothing makes me feel happier or more complete when all my loved ones are in one room.

Kirsten made the most amazing cheesecakes, Carmen made tiramisu and blueberry pie and there was more I'm sure. The food was beautiful. The extent to which this party was planned still amazes me. Kirsten actually contacted Jason's work to make sure he got out at a reasonable time (yes she scheduled his work day) as well as made sure they got invites there. She contacted my family and made sure my kids would be watched (which caused some panic since I forgot and called so late). Dan made this beautiful Happy Anniversary sign by hand because he thought we deserved and would appreciate it being handmade. They made a box for cards and asked for donations for us to go on our upcoming trip out west. She thought of everything.

We ate, had drinks (too many I think, for some, *eh hem Kirsten*) and we had the most fun in forever. My gratitude is so huge its overwhelming. I have thank you cards coming to everyone I just have to figure out what to say (sometimes that takes me a while).

And Kirsten, you are the best, most kind generous soul, and most organized person I know. You should honestly be an event planner, you'd kick ass.
Me and Kirsten
This picture is ridiculous but see how much fun we're having!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I got Press!!!

I recently was asked to submit my Ginkgo Skirt to Belle Armoire magazine, an art to wear publication. I automatically thought it was just a small zine or something until I spotted it on the magazine rack at Joann Fabrics. Come to find out its distributed world wide and is the publishers most popular magazine. I just received my copy in the mailbox this morning! I'm so excited..Here's some pics...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm featured in a blog

Things are going really great (and ridiculously busy) here at Jennifer Joy Creative. I've surpassed my goal on Etsy of 450 hearts for the month of May, and its still only the middle of the month! I've started dyeing fabric to sell too which is very fun as I've only dyed it for my own creations before. Here's a sample...

I just got a really nice email to let me know my Cherries Skirt has been featured on the Rare Bird Finds Blog...check it out.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day

Few things make me a mushy mess as much as Mothers Day does. My kids get super excited that I get to be queen for the day (why not everyday right?!). They get to give me presents they worked really hard on at school. I remember doing the same for my mom and I remember she loved nothing more than a bouquet of jaggedly cut felt flowers. Here's what my 2 favorite little monkeys gave me....
From my little girl Ari, age 5...She's quite the artist! Notice the ray of sunlight, and all the other amazing details. She's 5 and drew elephants for goodness sake!

And from my sweet little boy who's going to be 9 this summer (how can that be!)

His little note says
"The important thing about Mom is She's Loving
She is also reassuring
But the most important thing about Mom is she's caring
love, Kiran"

What mom wouldn't bawl at that?! Then he sewed me a kleenex holder that looks like a guy. I may have to put him to work soon...

Jason, being the amazing human he is, let me work all day with no interruptions. Then we all piled on the couch to eat pizza and watch a movie all snuggled under a blanket. The best day ever!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Introducing...The Wristlet!

Let me start of by saying I really don't like the word "wristlet". Its like scarflette. Kirsten and I decided "clutch" is way cooler. Here they are...

Cute little mini purses just the right size for your phone, keys and a small wallet. I love big bags but I may just have to make myself one of these.

I just joined Eco Etsy, an awesome Etsy street team dedicated to promoting all that is green and good. Look for more recycled packaging from me. There are so many amazing sellers that belong to this group...

Alright my 3 hours of freedom is almost up and I have to run get my kiddos...then run, then run some more :)...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Look Ma I'm in a treasury on Etsy
Thats my cherry skirt at the bottom :)...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Accidents

I just got in a small batch of roving the other day. Its like getting a big roll of natural fabric, a blank palette. I tried dyeing some 3 oz batches a couple different ways. The first one I did regular rainbow dyeing, where you paint the wet roving wrap it in plastic wrap and then steam it. I love this method cause you dont really have to touch the fiber so there's less chance of it felting. I got this...
which spun up in to "Midnight at the Oasis" mmmmm pretty...

Next I tried the hot pour method from the Twisted Sisters Sock book. You heat your roving on the stove with water and a bit of vinegar then pour the colors. It softens the colors but you have to be careful to not poke it too much or it felts. Well what I didn't realize is that some dyes split into different my well intentioned earthy brown, burgundy and plum mix did this...
What the hell? Where did yellow and green come from?! All I could think of was salamander (not that I don't like salamanders but I was hoping for something a bit more romantic)...
Now here comes the cool part...I snagged some of these from Loop on Etsy... in that collection of fibery goodness I found this beautiful black alpaca and firestar batt. Tons of sparkle and color...So that little tiny batt mixed with my ugly roving gave me thisAll the warm earthiness I could ever want with some sparkle to boot. I love happy endings....

Monday, March 3, 2008

Recycled Mailing bags

I was so excited when i found that Etsy
has videos on YouTube. I love how to videos...I've learned various knitting and spinning techniques. Its pretty exciting.

Here's the latest amazingness I found...
Fusing plastic grocery bags...

This worked out perfect since I never seem to have first class mailing bags or boxes. My first attempt ended up a little melty...
Here's the final one. Looks pretty cool and is stronger and thicker than the PO's tyvek bags. I just sealed the edges with packing tape and voila!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So I finished the hoodie...I tried a new hood design that really wraps around so when its down you get a cool collar effect. Nice and warm too. I put it up on ebay ...

Photobucket Photobucket

I also added a new pair of pants to my site...


I've been experimenting with block printing a little bit. Here's a great tutorial if anyone is curious....I love her work...Here. For these pants I decided ginkgo, yet again. I really love the shape of the leaves. And I love the idea that ginkgo is said to increase concentration and memory...I could use some of that!

Up next dyeing some fleece! I got this today...Big Fun!!!


Sunday, January 27, 2008

French Films and Gratitude

I recently finished an amazing book my best friend got my son for Christmas...
This is an absolutely amazing story and the illustrations are stunning...Photobucket
It has refers to early french film making by director Georges Melies. He did this beautiful film called The Trip To The Moon....I'm using it as inspiration for my next top....I can't wait to share...

I've been thinking alot about how much I just love my job. I get to stay home with my kids and make stuff and make a little money. I've tried doing "lines" of clothing but I get so bored with it, that it takes away from the thing I love. I know this is the way to streamline and be more efficient but it literally drives me crazy. Jason is always like cut out 10 of such and such and you can whip them out....I've tried and the result always seems less that what I like my end product to my goals are to continue making one-of-a-kind pieces and try to make them cost effective. Its a work in progress.....

Here's some recent work...
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Oh I took the plunge and applied to my first festival, Wheatland Music Festival.
Its a juried show so I'm waiting to see if I got in...I'm crossing my fingers...although I may have to reconcile making multiples of things if I want to fill a whole booth!