Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day

Few things make me a mushy mess as much as Mothers Day does. My kids get super excited that I get to be queen for the day (why not everyday right?!). They get to give me presents they worked really hard on at school. I remember doing the same for my mom and I remember she loved nothing more than a bouquet of jaggedly cut felt flowers. Here's what my 2 favorite little monkeys gave me....
From my little girl Ari, age 5...She's quite the artist! Notice the ray of sunlight, and all the other amazing details. She's 5 and drew elephants for goodness sake!

And from my sweet little boy who's going to be 9 this summer (how can that be!)

His little note says
"The important thing about Mom is She's Loving
She is also reassuring
But the most important thing about Mom is she's caring
love, Kiran"

What mom wouldn't bawl at that?! Then he sewed me a kleenex holder that looks like a guy. I may have to put him to work soon...

Jason, being the amazing human he is, let me work all day with no interruptions. Then we all piled on the couch to eat pizza and watch a movie all snuggled under a blanket. The best day ever!

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