Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vacation Crazy

Jason and I took our first vacation in 6 years to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. We left the kiddos with my folks and we were off...

So in order to save money I booked us a flight leaving at 5:30am out of Flint which is about a 45 minute drive. Being the procrastinators we are, we didn't finish packing until 12:30 am, passed out for 2 hours then got up, hopped in the car and drove to the airport. We landed in Atlanta at 7 am and had a ridiculous 3 hour layover most of which I slept on the benches. From Atlanta we flew to Denver.

My good friend from high school was getting married the next day (saturday).

Ok so from the airport we rented a supposedly compact car I reserved but it really ended up being an SUV so that was funny. Drove to my friends house, said Hi for like an hour then drove 3 1/2 hours north to Glenwood Spring Colorado. Totally the most beautiful drive I've ever been on! Overwhelming a bit on my 2 hours of sleep but beautiful. We arrive in town to meet the suppliers of my hemp fabric.

Hanging out with them was so amazing and informational I can't even explain. There's nothing I love more than knowing my fabric comes from good people doing good work. We ate dinner at the Hotel Colorado nestled in lush gardens with mountains towering everywhere! I crashed early cause I thought I was gonna die if I didnt.

The next day, Jason and I explored the town, took pictures and ate breakfast at a tiny little diner. We went back to the hemp compound for some more awesome conversation with our host and then hopped back inthe truck to go to a wedding!

We had exactly enough time to get to our hotel, check in, change and get back into the car for wedding. We arrive just as they are saying the last of the vows. Everyone cheers then we hit the reception (it was literally that fast). Do all the fun reception things like drink and dance, then get back to the hotel and crash.

6 hours later...we hop back in the truck, get to the airport for the second leg of our journey...

We land in Seattle at 9am where my cousin and her hubby pick us up. We explore Pike Place market for a few then head north to Anacordes, Washington. There we hopped a ferry to San Juan Island. My cousins hubby's family has a condo on the island. There we just lounged, ate too much, explored the island, ate more and drank wine.... for 4 days. Just the perfect way to ease out the insanity of the first half of our vacation. We even saw a whale fin!

We had so much fun. I forget how fun exploring is! You can see pics from the trip at

They are camera phone shots so the movies are a little low res. If you go to the oldest posts first, its in chronological order.

All of you who support us through my business and otherwise made this vacation getaway even possible...So a huge thanks to you all!