Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mildly Distracted

I have so much sewing to do and I'm sitting here absently staring at my computer eating peanutbutter ice cream. I'm daydreaming about a new spinning wheel and a drum carder. Spinning?! I barely have time to sew and that is my income right now. Oh well, I'll do what I'm supposed to soon enough. I'm normally a very easy-going kinda girl but when I have to get stuff done, I get this rebellious streak going. Like "you can't tell me what to do!". I am making a mental wishlish for when I have some extra money (get stitchin', right?!).
1. Lendrum double treadle spinningwheel with jumbo plying head and bobbins
2. Drum carder, preferably Pat Green or Strauch (um $500 later...)
3. Bernina vintage sewing machine, I'd the Record 830 or that awesome Favorit that was lime green on ebay a while back..
I guess thats all for now...Ok I think I've got the rebellion out of my system. The joys of being home-based self-employed. And only an hour left before mom-taxi is back on duty...