Monday, July 26, 2010

Abandoned then found

Since I created a page on facebook, I find it really hard to blog. Not that a lot hasn't been going on! Jennifer Joy Creative is sort of being quiet. I headed back to school in January to pursue a degree in Sustainable and Organic Horticulture. Its been fun and hard at the same time. School uses a part of my brain I haven't touched in years :). The organization part has been hardest for me. I'm used to working at home, running from one half finished project to another and multitasking like crazy. I've found that I can't function like that with school work. I have to sit down in a quiet space and really really concentrate. Which I have to admit is pretty satisfying.

I have one more semester at LCC before I transfer to Michigan State University in the spring. I'm really nervous. The idea of writing a paper is terrifying. Up until now I've had all science and math courses. But I'm also very excited. The program has classes like pruning techniques, greenhouse construction and management, Organic Farming Principles and Practices, and Compost Production and Use. Nerdy gardening stuff I can't wait to get into.

At home, I creating a monster of a garden thats doing great. Minus the fact the rabbits ate all my beans. Next year I'll have it tilled bigger and fence it in with a cute fence with a gate. I already have 13 pints of green beans canned, 24 jars of jam, 1.5 gallons of broccoli frozen, 5 pints of pickles and tons of potatoes and onions. My tomatoes are just starting to ripen and I should have enough to can by the middle of next week.

Off to study for finals...I'll leave you with some pretty garden pics