Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary

I've been meaning to post about this for week now but I'm slow. Jason and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary at the end of May. I was marvelling the other day that there are very few people we hang out with who knew us when we were single. I'm really proud of this. We are young, I'm 33 and Jason's 35, and we made it this long. Of course there's been ups and downs but we are still madly in love with each other...but I digress...

So my friend Kirsten and her boyfriend Dan wanted to take us out for our anniversary which I thought was really nice. They live in the Detroit area and I thought it was awesome (if not a little weird) that they wanted to drive all the way up here for dinner with us. She told me to make sure we got someone to watch the kids so we could go get drinks and just relax...

A few days before she's like um are you ready for this weekend? did you get someone to watch the kids? Oops of course I'm forgetful and did not. I call my mom and she agrees (rather quickly I thought).

Kirsten and Dan show up to take us out, we're just relaxing on the couch watching Terminator 3. We mosey out the door to Beggars Banquet (which Kirsten picked).
We walk through the back door and Kirsten steers us into the banquet room and "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!" everyone yells (well it sounded like everyone but it may have just been Carmen).

I honestly don't recall ever being so surprised. I don't think anyone got pics of us but I can honestly say my jaw was to my chest.

My amazing friend Kirsten has orchestrated the most amazing surprise party every. All of our friends, my family, Jason's work friends are there. Nothing makes me feel happier or more complete when all my loved ones are in one room.

Kirsten made the most amazing cheesecakes, Carmen made tiramisu and blueberry pie and there was more I'm sure. The food was beautiful. The extent to which this party was planned still amazes me. Kirsten actually contacted Jason's work to make sure he got out at a reasonable time (yes she scheduled his work day) as well as made sure they got invites there. She contacted my family and made sure my kids would be watched (which caused some panic since I forgot and called so late). Dan made this beautiful Happy Anniversary sign by hand because he thought we deserved and would appreciate it being handmade. They made a box for cards and asked for donations for us to go on our upcoming trip out west. She thought of everything.

We ate, had drinks (too many I think, for some, *eh hem Kirsten*) and we had the most fun in forever. My gratitude is so huge its overwhelming. I have thank you cards coming to everyone I just have to figure out what to say (sometimes that takes me a while).

And Kirsten, you are the best, most kind generous soul, and most organized person I know. You should honestly be an event planner, you'd kick ass.
Me and Kirsten
This picture is ridiculous but see how much fun we're having!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I got Press!!!

I recently was asked to submit my Ginkgo Skirt to Belle Armoire magazine, an art to wear publication. I automatically thought it was just a small zine or something until I spotted it on the magazine rack at Joann Fabrics. Come to find out its distributed world wide and is the publishers most popular magazine. I just received my copy in the mailbox this morning! I'm so excited..Here's some pics...