Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I heart EcoEtsy

I'm a member of the most amazing street team on Etsy. Eco Etsy is a group of like minded people who are coming together to spread the word about reducing, reusing and recycling. They are a very active group that spend a ton of time working for the cause and supporting each other. I am so honored to be a member.

I just found out my Springtime Bird Coin Purse was picked to in the weekly theme posting on the Eco Etsy Blog. The theme was "little birds" and Fisheye was so sweet as to nominate me...Thanks!

Search keyword TeamEcoEtsy to see work by some of these eco-conscious artists.

We also have a website www. Ecoetsy.com

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fall is here!

Holy cow I have so much to think about lately! My kids started school with my littlest going all day now. Its the first time in 10 years or so I've had the whole day to just make stuff! So what to do...

I spent today doing sketches for a new clothing line, updating my "About" page bio on the website (please look), laundry and then the day was gone...

Oh this is cool...I did check out Co-Op America, an amazing organization dedicated to good ol' eco-action!

Then I was just reading this Etsy Storque article on getting ready for the holiday season. Time is just flying. Kirsten (aka La Femme Monkita) and I got into the Detroit Urban Craft Fair. An awesome opportunity to share our hand-craftiness with some fellow Michiganders. I have confidence I'll get it together at some point though.

I do have sketches and all :)....