Tuesday, October 28, 2008


PurplePinkandOrange.com just featured me on their blog for Scores under $10! Thanks guys :)
Check it out here....

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hoodie Madness and DUCF

Just posted some new hoodies to JenniferJoyCreative.com..here's a peek...

Also wanted to do a little promo for the Detroit Urban Craft Fair 11/15! Come see Kirsten aka. La Femme Monkita and I. We're sellling stuff!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A new beginning...

I just read this great article in The Storque: Etsy's Guide to Blogging.
I'm really bad about keeping up on this thing! So i've decided to just start adding a bunch of stuff I like :).
Todays theme is Holiday Cards. I've been on the look out for some awesome cards that are unique and of course handmade. I seem to always have good intentions of making my own but never quite get to it...
Here's some of my favorites...

I love this Mod Christmas Stationery Set.
The color is great and that tree is super sweet.
by Snew set of 5 cards and envelopes $4.75

As a lover of midcentury modern furniture, these cards are perfect! Getting close to the time to pull out the vintage aluminum pom-pom tree and the swirly lights....

Mod Furniture Holiday Cards set of 3
by byvikINK $14

I'm fascinated by the process of letterpressing. I'm not exactly sure what it is but the outcome of the process is so interesting. These Joy Cards are a perfect example. They have this very organic handmade quality I love...plus its my middle name so I'm a bit biased

Red Joy Letterpress Cards set of 8
by Yee Haw $12